Let's Talk About Domains

As you know, at OneSite we give you all you need to put your website online, completely for free. But not all is about creating a website and putting it online. You'll also need an address, so people can access your site (ie. yourwebsite.com). This address is what's known as a domain name. Alright, regarding domain names, you can do different things:

Option 1
Host a domain you already own.
If you registered a domain somewhere else, you can point it to our DNS and that's it! These are:

Option 2
Register a New Domain name.
You can also register a .COM / .NET / .ORG / .INFO domain name directly through OneSite.
You'll need to pay €11 per year for this addres. It'll be automatically pointing to OneSite's Platform (you can also manually change it's DNS to point somewhere else).